The Oopsie Doodles of NC Process

Prior to breeding:

All of our dogs are health tested for over 130 possible genetic issues through Embark.  We also have OFA testing on all of our parents. We follow Good Dog and Golden Doodle of North America health standards. We use our geneticist to help predict color combinations when they are bred.  Our pups are fed high quality food from pawTree and get regular play and exercise with our family.  



Families who have made a reservation

are notified when the dog is bred.  We

then provide follow up information once

pregnancy is confirmed through our vet. 


Puppy Arrival:

Families who have made a reservation are notified once the litter has arrived.  At that point

you will receive the following updates

and photos according to our timeline.


Week 1:

Pups are taken to the vet for first check

up and to have dew claws removed.  We begin the process of biosensory training by regularly manipulating their paws, legs and body.  Photos updated on website and on social media (facebook and instagram)


Week 2:

We will send you a survey to assess

your top priorities with your new

pup.  We’ll use the responses to

help match you to your furever pup. 

(This survey will be sent via the email you provide when you make

your reservation.  You will be asked to respond to the survey within

72 hours to serve as your confirmation of a selection with that litter.  If confirmation is not received, your reservation will be applied to a future litter.)


Week 3-5:

Pups get play time, biosensory training

and are introduced to food.  They will be given puppy turf pads in their kennel to begin to associate where to go to the bathroom.  As they get into week 5, they are introduced to the outside (weather permitting) for potty training.


Week 6:

Pups go to the vet for their second visit for shots and check up.  After this appointment, your pup will receive temperament testing from an independent trainer.  This temperament testing uses Volhardt’s list and checks for components such as sensitivity to touch, sight and sound; resistance; and ability to follow.  After temperament testing is completed, we compile that information with the survey information.  All families on the list will be contacted and we provide a list or 2 or 3 pups that best meet your qualifications.  Of course the choice is yours, but we give our best suggestions.  (We ask that you be prepared at this point to make your choice quickly once contacted so that other families may make their decision as well.)


Week 7 - 8:

Puppy is fully weaned and transitioned to pawTree food and improves potty training.

Selections of puppies are made in

order of deposit at week 7.  Please

stay up to date with each puppy via

the social media posts and be

ready to make your selection once

you are contacted.  (Make sure you

provide breeder with up to date

phone number / email address /

contact information

throughout this process).  In an

effort to respect each family’s

ability to choose we ask that you

make your selection as soon as

possible (within 12 hours). If families

do not respond within 24 hours, we

reserve the right to move to the

next family on the list. 

Pup is ready to go home!