Summit's Pups

Summit is our standard F1 Chocolate Labradoodle.  She and Cooper plan to have beautiful chocolate standard labradoodles in their next litter.

Harper's Pups

Harper is our medium F1 parti apricot Goldendoodle.  She has amazing merle, agouti and parti goldendoodles.

Bailey's Pups

Bailey is our medium silver beige poodle.  She has had gorgeous chocolates, reds and silver beige labradoodles.  Her most recent litter was goldendoodles. 

Daisy's Pups

Daisy is our standard English cream poodle.  She has had beautiful English cream, black or chocolate labradoodles.  Her most recent litter was cream goldendoodles. 

Oakley's Pups

Oakley is our standard silver beige labradoodle.  She has beautiful chocolate and red multi-generational labradoodles.  

Bristol's Pups

Bristol is our mini parti goldendoodle.  She has beautiful cream and black mini goldendoodles.

Wilder's Pups

Wilder is our mini red labradoodle.  She has the sweetest merle mini labradoodles.

Mercy's Pups

Mercy is our beautiful pyredoodle.  Her most recent litter boasted amazing parti's!