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Oopsie Doodles of NC

773 NC Hwy 343 N | Camden, NC | 252-202-9605

Your New Doodle

Puppy's Gender

Health Warranty

Oopsie Doodles of NC cares for your dog from birth to the homecoming date.  Your dog is believed to be in good health and is sold in good faith.  Your dog has received a clean bill of health from our local veterinarian prior to homecoming.  The Buyer agrees to have the puppy inspected by a practicing veterinarian within 3 working days of contract to ensure the two year health guarantee.  If the buyer declines health warranty or does not submit documentation of first veterinarian visit then the health guarantee is invalidated.  

Care and Maintenance

The Buyer agrees to maintain your dog’s health by providing routine and preventative health care including:  vaccinations, parasite prevention, medications as needed.  The Buyer agrees to provide a quality diet  with a veterinarian recommended food brand.   The health warranty will be invalidated if the dog is allowed to become overweight.  The health warranty does not cover viral illnesses, parasites, infections, hernias, improper bites, giardia, coccidiosis or kennel cough. Additionally, it does not cover illnesses due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, stress related conditions or behavioral issues.  All veterinarian records must be submitted to Oopsie Doodles of NC if the health warranty is called into question.

Rehoming Agreement

If for any reason (other than genetic issues) the Buyer determines they cannot keep their dog, the Buyer agrees to contact Oopsie Doodles of NC to make arrangements to return the dog. The Buyer agrees that the dog shall not be surrendered to a shelter  or animal rescue.  The owner agrees to terminate rights to the dog; no money will be refunded; and the dog will be matched to a suitable home at Oopsie Doodle of NC’s discretion.

Spay and Neuter Agreement

Our pups are sold as pets only.  Your pet is part of a spay or neuter agreement.  It is expected that your pet be spayed or neutered between 6-12 months or based on the approved recommendation from your own veterinarian.   Please submit documentation after your pet has been spayed or neutered to Oopsie Doodles of NC.

Disclosures / Non-Disparagement

Oopsie Doodles of NC has taken every care with breeding, rearing and the welfare of your new dog.  Your dog is believed to be in good health and it is sold in good faith.  The breeder makes no warranty  as to the disposition of your dog.  Breeder makes no warranty on the color or texture of your dog’s coat as these can change as he/she grows. Buyer and Breeder agree that in the event of a dispute neither will publish or communicate the existence or content of such dispute in any media or forum, including social media. 

Owner agrees to not disparage, criticize or defame Breeder, its affiliates and their respective affiliates  either publicly or privately.  The Breeder agrees that it shall not, and it shall instruct its affiliates to not disparage, criticize or defame the owner  either publicly or privately. This contract is legally binding in the state of North  Carolina.  All parties agree that any court actions to enforce this contract will be filed in Camden County, NC.  Buyer / Owner understands and accepts the terms of this  contract and agrees to abide by the terms outlined herein. 

Buyer / Seller Information


Breeder: Oopsie Doodles of NC

Ken Greene

Address: 773 NC Hwy 343 N

Camden, NC 27921

Phone: 252-202-9605 / 252-267-6607



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