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At Oopsie Doodles of NC
our family loves raising miniature and standard labradoodles, goldendoodles, bernedoodles and pyredoodles. 
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School is almost out and summer is on the way!
To honor teachers, we'd like to offer  you an appreciation discount!
Contact us for more details on the $200 discount on
Mercy's Pyredoodles and Paris' Labradoodles!


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Planning for a Summer Litter?
Mercy had a litter of 7 BEAUTIFUL, Medium pyredoodle pups on April 2nd.  They will go home in late May. 


Dolly had a litter of 10 ADORABLE, Medium goldendoodle pups on April 12th.  They will go home in early June. 
Summer is a great time to train a pup!

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Frankie "River's" litter of fantastic Mini Labradoodles pups arrived on April 17th.  They will go home in early June. 

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Paris' litter of Standard Labradoodles arrived on April 17th. They will go home in June.

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Rosie's litter of Standard Goldendoodles arrived on April 16th. They will go home in June.

Scarlet's litter of Mini Goldendoodles arrived on May 20th. They will go home in July.


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We're a family specializing in raising  sweet doodles.  Read more about us and how we love our doodles!

What We Do

We raise labradoodles and goldendoodles, pyredoodles and provide stud services, and offer resources for anyone interested in adding a puppy to their family!


Call between 7 am - 9 pm to speak with us directly.  We're available for appointments and for visits.