Upcoming Litters

All of our Oopsie Doodle dogs are CKC registered and have OFA and DNA testing and goldendoodles are GANA registered. 

Waiting lists may be available on these pups.  We take a conservative amount of deposits on each litter to reserve a pup.  After advanced deposits are full, we allow names on a wait list.  (Please note that litter dates  are estimated based on the females typical cycle schedule.  Once a female is pregnant, gestation period is 63 days.  After being born, pups must stay with mom approximately 8 weeks.   We will always keep you informed of the process and the expected timeframe, but ask for your understanding since Mother Nature is in control.)

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Look who will be having goldendoodles late this fall!  We love our Rosie!

We are taking reservations now for anticipated fall and winter litters. We will be expecting:

*multi-generational smaller standard sized labradoodles (chocolate to red sable)  LATE FALL 
*standard sized labradoodles (chocolate) WINTER
*mini labradoodles and mini goldendoodles WINTERT

Contact for details!