Have Mercy!

Mercy is our daughter's pyredoodle and had her first litter of pyredoodles with Buddy on January 30.  We're unbelieveably in love with these cuties!  Our daughter's favorite hang-out is our local coffee shop so these pups are named for some of their famous caffeinated drinks.

White Mocha - (blue bow) - female

Trainwreck - (white bow)  - female

Crowbar - (tan plaid tie) - male

Mudslide - (black tie) - male

Caramello -       (brown check bow) - brown parti female

Scottie - (rainbow tie) - male

Turtle - (red bow) female

Blondie - (purple bow) - female

Irish Boxer - (black stripe bow) - male

White Cliff - (green plaid tie) male