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Harper is our F1 CKC and GANA registered Goldendoodle. She has DNA and OFA testing. She loves interacting with other people and animals. Her goal is to be in the center of all the action in the house!   


Daisy is our CKC registered cream Standard Poodle. She has DNA and OFA testing. She is very affectionate , super content and  loves being with the family.  She also enjoys playing outside with our other Oopsie Doodle dogs. 


Dolly Parton

Dolly is our red Standard Multigenerational Goldendoodle. She is super chill and calm and very responsive to her humans and her Oopsie Doodle friends.  We love her sweet personality! 
bailey 2.jpg

Bailey is our silver beige Standard Poodle. She is AKC registered with OFA and DNA testing. Bailey is our curious but also very content girl. She is laid back but loves to have her head & belly rubbed. 



Oakley is the daughter of our sweet Bailey.  She is a silver beige Standard F1B Labradoodle.  She is CKC registered and has OFA testing.  She is playful and athletic and loves being outdoors.   



Wilder is our Mini  F1b Labradoodle.  She is CKC registered and has OFA and DNA testing.   She has a beautiful red curly coat.  She loves to snuggle in your lap and loves to play outside with her Oopsie Doodle friends.  


Mercy is our first Pyredoodle (Great Pyrenees and Standard Poodle).  She has a gorgeous white coat and is super cuddly and lovable.  She loves hanging out with the big dogs and the small pups.  We love her!


Bristol is the daughter of our wonderful Harper.  She is a blue parti merle Mini F1b Goldendoodle. She is GANA and CKC registered.  She's super playful and does her best to keep up with all her standard sized Oopsie Doodle friends outside.  She is a super sweet girl!

Scarlet O'Hara

Scarlet is a red Mini Multigenerational Goldendoodle. She is GANA and CKC registered.  She's super inquisitive and very independent.  She's our spunky doodle girl!

Rosie the Riviter

Rosie is a Standard parti Poodle. She is CKC registered.  She's quite the leader and can strike a pose that is stately and dignified.  She's such an impressive girl!

Summit is our chocolate F1 CKC registered Labradoodle. She has OFA and DNA testing completed.  She is our ring leader and can definitely communicate what she wants! Summit gets along well with everyone.     


Treble is our black Labrador Retriever. She was the dog that started it all!  She has a gentle personality and loves everyone.  Treble has entered into retirement and lives with our daughter and son-in-law in Virginia.  


Piper is our multigenerational mini Goldendoodle. She is blue ribbon registered through the Goldendoodle Association of America and has OFA as well as DNA testing. She is a cuddle bug that loves people and loves life in her wonderful guardian home!


Frankie is our sable Multigenerational Labradoodle. She is CKC registered and has both DNA and OFA testing. Frankie girl loves children and is so committed to her awesome guardian home family! 
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