Daisy's Current Litter

Daisy and Louie had their first litter together of medium goldendoodles on February 4. There are 5 girls and 4 boys in a fantastic apricot - English cream spectrum.  We're in love!  We asked our Oopsie Doodle followers on Instagram to vote in a naming contest.  The results are in:  Introducing Daisy and Louie's soda pop babies!

Cheerwine - male (stripe tie)

Sierra (Mist) - female (yellow bow)

Fresca - female

(blue bow)

Nehi - female (pink bow)

Squirt - female (black bow)

(Mountain) Dewey - male (stripe bowtie)

Dr. Pepper - male (heart bowtie)

Barq (rootbeer) - male (black necktie)

Fanta - female (brown bow)