Bristol's Goldendoodles!
Bristol and Louie welcomed 7 sweet pups on 7/28.  Since that date is the 70th anniversary of the release of "Alice in Wonderland" we introduce Alice, Duchess, Queen (of Hearts), Mad Hatter, Cheshire, March Hare and the King (of Hearts).  
This litter is already placed. Contact for availability on other litters. 

Chandler- Cream male with Purple Plaid tie

Richard - Cream male with emoji tie

Gunther - Cream male with White NY tie

Phoebe- Cream Female with yellow bow

Monica- Cream Female with purple bow

Ross- Cream male with Black NY tie

Mr. Heckles- Cream Male with animal print tie

Joey- Cream male with green plaid tie

Rachel- Cream female with pink bow

Mike- Cream male with blue stripe tie