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Our First Bernedoodles!
Our first litter of Bernedoodles were born on 7/28.  Take a look at these handsome and beautiful tri color pups named for some of our favorite Olympians!

Red+White Stripe Tie.jpg

Here's their handsome dad, Jackson!

Sketch Arrow
Phelps - tri colored male with red stripe tie
B+W Polka Dot Tie.jpg
Bolt - black and white male with polka dot tie
Blue Plaid Tie.jpg
Spitz - tri colored male with navy plaid tie
Music Note Tie.jpg
Cheetah Tie.jpg
Owens - chocolate male with cheetah tie
Black+Purple Plaid Tie.jpg
Lewis - tri colored male with purple tie
Ohno - phantom tri colored male with music note tie
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